"Auto X Ops is focused on products that deliver a tactical edge for use by military, law enforcement, as well as commercial applications."



Joede Vanek, with a 20-year law enforcement career, including 9 years with SWAT, and more recently training special operations teams in and outside of the United States, conceived of an idea to provide a mechanism that would be safe, reliable, and most
importantly, improve the safety and lethality of those in the line of fire. Mr. Vanek contacted and shared his idea with Bret Pitman,  a young and talented entrepreneur, who had already engineered a number of products. Within only a few weeks, the first XOP Stock was created. Initially crude models were configured, however, over time each iteration became more sophisticated. In all, more than 8 prototypes were developed. Joede and Bret lacked the funds to see the project through. After a couple of false starts, they approached Dr. Robert Kahn, who, as a veteran himself, understood the value of the proposed XOP. With his experience as a past CEO of several corporations, the “team” was created.
Auto X Ops, LLC was incorporated in August of 2017. With the infusion of financing, proper equipment and other resources were purchased and full time could be devoted to the development of the XOP. Bret, familiar with  Computer Aided Design (CAD), working with outside consultants, used laser printing to rapidly create increasingly more sophisticated models. At present, Auto X has produced a product ready for commercial use and requiring only relatively minimal adjustments for military applications. The new design is nothing like anything presently available. Its expandable technology and fully modular design, permits end users to customize their stock for different mission specific duties.
As this is written, a proposal has been submitted to the U.S. Army, and consideration being given to mass produce commercial models.

The “Team”